Holographic protection

Holograms are one of the most secure ways to protect printed documents – securities against counterfeit. Holograms are the new dimensions of security, and their use of a protective form is increasingly being applied. In addition to protection, hologram forms give new design quality and dimensions to printed materials.

There are several types of holograms:

  • Standard
  • Two-dimensional
  • Three-dimensional

Each hologram has:

  • The ability to contain all necessary information in a single image plane
  • The effect of depth (3D)

Holograms are applied through heat to the backing paper in all forms and on:

  • Labels
  • Insurance policies
  • Checks
  • Tickets for transport
  • Bonds
  • Admission tickets
  • Vouchers

Labels are applied manually or machinically. Holograms are also applied by the same processes,with the presence of heat directly to all types of forms.