Magnetic stripe cards

Magnetic stripe cards known also as “smart cards” use a microcomputer placed in a housing of a card of standard dimensions. The card uses a connector through which it makes contact with external devices to transfer data. It is important to note that the data recorded on the magnetic stripe cards are protected from unauthorized access, and are at the same time secure from mechanical damage to the card.


In order to ensure maximum quality of service and products to our clients, our magnetic stripe cards are the brand of well-known European companies “Skidata” and “Scheidt & Bachmann“, whose quality is recognized internationally. We also produce a range of cards by our customers’ preference and requirements.


We are able to offer services of designing and printing of various types of magnetic stripe cards on the magnetic strip, applied by a special thermal process. The material is applied to the magnetic strip according to the specified dimensions, after which the magnetic strip is applied to the backing paper.

We can make: roll, zigzag or as a single product.


In our wide variety of product range we offer:

  • Airline tickets
  • Boarding passes
  • Parking tickets for Siemens systems
  • Highway tickets
  • Admission tickets
  • Savings books
  • Tram tickets
  • Trolley buses tickets
  • Metro tickets etc..